Prevention Of Race/Religious &Hate Crime

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As proud British citizens I wish to wish to express my deepest concern about the surge of islamophobia and event encouraging race and religious hate crime. The most recent illustration of this is the “Muhammad Cartoon Contest”, initiated by Geert Wilders, and his attendance and speech at a far right rally in London on 09.06.2018


Muslim Community UK is appalled and saddened by the decision of the foreign and commonwealth office to overturn the ban to allow Greet Wilders, relentless preacher of hate into Britain. On numerous occasions he has publicly used hateful language and remarks towards Muslims, different nationalities and communities. His visit to Great Britain was to creat animosity, provoking violence and bolstering the objective to sow discard on the streets.


Muslim Community UK strongly condemns the continuing actions of Geert Wilders, of holding a “Muhammad Cartoon Contest” in Netherlands, which is said to be approved by the countries counter terrorism agency. This is a Deliberate and senseless act of provocation which hurts the feelings of over 1.8 billion Muslims globally.


Muslim Community UK acknowledges the fundamental right of people of all faiths to freedom of speech and expression. This does not mean  however, that they should be free to create social unrest and instability. Neither should that freedom be abused to undermine national interests at home and abroad.


We as leaders of the community across the country are endlessly working with the local, and wider national authorities to build community relationships by hosting interfaith events and community cohesion activities. We are regularly reminding the Muslim Community to live in peace and harmony. The actions of Geert Wilders are causing great distress and anger, and are completely unacceptable for the entire Muslim World. Muslims respect and love the Prophet as being dearer to them than their own life and families. We should not allow our valued freedoms in Europe to be abused by those deliberately seeking to provoke hatred and division between communities. As law abiding British citizens, we urge the government to take action immediately.


I believe that Great Britain is a key player in global harmony, dialogue and peace. The British Government has made outstanding progress in eradicating racism, anti-semitism, discrimination against disability and other factors causing hurts to citizens. Such government endeavours now must focus on preventing this renewed  tide of race/religious hate crime and islamophobia.


the trust and hope of millions of British Citizens and billions worldwide is placed in yourself as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to call for an end to this behavior and activity, and to call for the prohibition of such competitions, and to impose a ban on Greet Wilders for destroying world peace, provoking hate and violence. Therefore, urgent intervention is required.


I hope, I have your support and understanding on our sentiments and make every effort to take prompt intervention and represent the views of British Muslims at the highest International levels.

Yours Sincerely