More HGV Drivers in the UK!

More HGV Drivers in the UK!

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Glen Groves & Lucy Durrant started this petition to The Government

With a massive HGV driver shortage, the UK haulage industry is heading for disaster. Last year, it was reported by ITV that 76,000 more HGV drivers are needed – and that number is only set to increase.

This will have significant impacts on our shops, shelves will be empty, panic buying, empty fuel stations, no medical supplies to our front-line teams…the list is endless! 98% of all consumed goods in the UK are delivered by a truck at some point. Unless we act now, the UK will shut down…again!

The UK recently, has slowly been getting back to a state of normality, however, this is all set to change within days and the NHS will be at risk of being overwhelmed…again! This will range from lack of supplies to treat patients with all types of illnesses to mental health issues having just come out of numerous lockdowns and an awful pandemic (which we are still not out of the woods with yet!).

So, what can we do, and quickly, to resolve this?

·        Offer HGV 1 courses in the same the way we offer university finance. As it currently stands, the average grant is £22,000 and is repayable at 9% of salary but only when you earn £27,250 per annum and only on the amount over £27,250. Many never repay or reach the threshold!! The average cost of HGV 1 training is £4000. That is £18,000 less outlay for the government and most HGV 1 drivers will be at the repayment threshold certainly within the 1st year of gaining employment.

·        Reduce the age at which people can become HGV drivers.

·        Pay the drivers a higher salary. Hauliers cannot afford to finance this with the current cost of fuel and compliance, as well as having gone through the struggle of the pandemic with the lockdowns. The government currently takes 57.95 pence out of every litre of diesel regardless of how much that litre is. They also take VAT at 20% even though most hauliers do claim it back, it is still an expense. Hauliers will not get a rise on rates from the end user and rates have not really changed in the last decade so the how do hauliers get the money to increase drivers’ wages?

1.     Use the fuel duty to give approved hauliers a cap on their fuel price and rebate any money over a pre agreed price. This money could be spent on increasing driver wages.

2.     Reduce the amount of tax and national insurance a qualified HGV 1 driver pays at source thus increasing their take home pay.

3.     Enable hauliers to claim back any insurance premium increase as a direct result of employing a new HGV driver, these costs have become extortionate.

·        Improve driver facilities within the UK to make it more appealing to new drivers and existing drivers which will ensure recruitment and retention in the industry.

·        Have regular campaigns to recruit new drivers.

·        Free medicals and driver cards for all drivers, existing or new. Drivers should not have to pay to go to work!

·        Put HGV drivers on the occupation shortage list.

These measures are achievable, can be put in place immediately and easily implemented by the Government. Unemployment is at an all-time high due to the pandemic, by putting, even some of these measures in place, could help towards solving this issue too.

Let us stop this national disaster before it is too late. If the Government can learn anything from the last 16 months, it is that acting too late does not work and the situation will only get worse!

We need to get this petition in circulation and out to as many people as possible. Every signature counts and will work towards hopefully preventing a catastrophic situation and ruining the lives of the British public even more so than it already has done in the last 16 months. Every haulier and driver count!


Published by Glen Groves & Lucy Durrant

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!