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More help for separated fathers

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Us dads often get the sharp end of the stick when it comes to remaining a part of our children's lives after the relationship with their mother breaks down, often resulting in court which can be extremely costly. The majority of the time we haven't done anything other than leave an unhappy relationship (I accept there are exceptions to this) and end up living alone. With the cost of living being sky high and disposable income low affording solicitors and legal help is often impossible and with legal aid being stopped for such cases it means genuine fathers are missing out on being a part of their children's lives all because the mother calls all the shots. My aim for this petition is to either get legal aid reinstated for assisting in this or to get the mother to pay half the cash towards the day in court. As it stands it's usually up to the father (or absent parent) to pay for this. If this was to come into place it may make mothers think twice about using children as weapons and methods of hurt towards their children's fathers.

It isn't just myself in this situation, many other fathers face similar situations so please everyone get behind this, help me to help you and every other genuine dad in this country! 

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