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More help for people with depression and anxiety.

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Because there is a lot of people out there alone with no body to turn to no body who will help them and many have kids . They have to watch there kids suffer because they can't give them all they need . The likes of myself who has depression and anxiety can't go out alone people think we can chose this but we can't l struggle getting my kids to school because of taxi fare dinner money . There's no help for parents with young kids who find it difficult to get there kids to school and still get into trouble even tho the school know of the situation. It's not the kids fault if mum or dad or both have this illness. Family's who turn there backs on other family members because they don't understand the facts leaving them feeling worst. In 2016 there were 5,965 suicide deaths in the UK. And maybe if there was more help out there we could bring that number right down . I know what it's like having them thoughts l know what it's like to follow them through to come round after it fails to open my eyes and still nobody there . Nobody knows of what goes on behind closed doors . 

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