More guidance for couples due to get married during COVID-19 pandemic.

More guidance for couples due to get married during COVID-19 pandemic.

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During the last 12 weeks of Lockdown, many weddings (including ours) have had to be postponed. 

On our original wedding date, we celebrated as best as we could, but this was tinged with sadness. 

Many are due marry in the next few months, but throughout the pandemic there has been little guidance or consideration given to couples in this very difficult situation.

Whilst in the interim, weddings were not a priority (quite rightly so), the lockdown is now beginning to be lifted, with the reopening of shops, zoos and sporting events, with places like hairdressers reopening shortly. At least they have a plan. 

The country is now beginning to slowly return to normality, but there is still no guidance for when weddings can recommence. Many have lost thousands of pounds and the uncertainty of whether or not we will get married has caused many sleepless nights and additional stress. 

It’s not just the couples this affects. There are many suppliers and small businesses who have been affected too and have lost vital revenue, neither of us can plan as there has been no information given re weddings throughout all of this. We feel that such people have been overlooked.

Therefore, I am asking that the government give couples and those associated with the wedding industry, some guidance and information as to whether or not weddings will take place. If my wedding can’t go ahead in September, fine. If I can only have a maximum number of guests who have to socially distance to keep everyone safe, then fine. Knowing anything is better than knowing nothing! 

Many have already postponed due to the uncertainty. Many are still continuing to hope for the best. At the moment, we don’t know what to do for the best, and no doubt that we can not look forward to planning what should be a very special day, as we don’t know what to plan!