More educational placements for SEN children. More funding and support is needed.

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For too long, parents of SEN Children have had to fight and experience more stress than necessary to get their child the support they need. There are so many children who have special educational needs and most of them who are granted an EHCP are shoved into mainstream school settings that do not meet their needs. My daughter started school in a mainstream setting with an EHCP in Sept 2017. One of her needs is a severe language delay and she has not been supported or assessed by a speech therapist since she left nursery in July 2017. She was only seen by a speech therapist in May 2018 after I had to constantly chase them for answers as to what was going on. This is not acceptable. So many SEN children are being failed by local authorities and the government because of lack of funding and not having the right support. I want that to change.

The government needs to allocate more funding and support to create enough special educational needs units and schools. There are not enough. Children need places suited to their needs as stated in their EHCPs. Not shoved into and ignored in places that are not suitable.