Let the deserved be the ones who are awarded, not the undeserved enjoy privilege!

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Why is it happening that the most creative brains are forced to study in private colleges, after taking huge amount of loans despite of scoring good marks in the competition exams?

Is this the equality Ambedkar ji once wanted?

Students who belong to general category and are from weak financial background, can't get into the colleges which they deserve the most just because some other student belonging to the reserved caste took away his opportunity inspite of scoring half the marks of the former.

Reservation is good, but it should be for the needy, not for the ones whose parents are earning lakhs of rupees a month, travelling in airplanes yer demanding reservation.

Many students commit suicide just because they didn't want to disappoint their parents who sold their everything for their Ward's education!

Moreover, these incapable students or individual when get into the most reputed jobs or institutes, can't act according to the demand of their seats , later being the shame for the nation.


We need to get together, for the sake of our nation, for the sake of each of that student who studies day and night but just can't qualify because he needs to score more than many others for the very same seat.


Not all are rich enough to be able to join the private institute, hence their future is ruined!


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