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Legalise marijuana in the UK

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It has over 100 proven medicinal uses. Some people even claim it can cure cancer if you create it in the correct concentration of the chemicals (there is an anti-body in everyone of our bodies which kills cancer cells. This same anti-body is found in Marijuana, so everyone has a small part of marijuana in them even if they like it or not.) But obviously governments want to suppress this? The population is a massive problem in this world, they do not want it to increase even more! 

We have just recently had a recession and legalizing Marijuana would benefit us massively. It would create jobs, it would generate billions of pounds per year. Look at how much money the Netherlands make. We are stupid not to follow suite. Not to mention it would mean all the street dealers who do not pay tax who are generating millions right now would be a thing of the past. Also it would save the government money not having to deal with them and the police would benefit also.

To conclude these are just some reasons why we should legalize Marijuana. If your argument against it is that it is dangerous and could kill you then I have told you that you are wrong now look up the facts and learn them. If your argument is that it has effects on your mind - this is inconclusive with no good evidence and the people who have fallen victim to mental illness would have had it lying dormant inside them already. Marijuana is better than a lot of substances and Alcohol holds a lot more dangers than weed.

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