Medical insurance for cancer survivors if they do not have one.

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My sister was not covered by any medical insurance policy in 2014, when she was just 35 yrs old and was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, medically known as papillary carcinoma of the thyroid. She underwent a successful surgery and treatment under the supervision of Dr. Sultan Pradhan (one of India's best Head and Neck Surgeon) and  Radio Iodine Therapy under Dr. Vikram Lele who is Head of Nuclear Medicine at Jaslok hospital. She is on follow up as per the schedule given to her and she is absolutely fine.She has been certified Cancer free by none less than Dr. Pradhan with a letter stating that there is absolutely no harm in giving her a medical insurance policy. Yet, there is not a single Insurance company agreeing to enroll her for a policy. Even LIC has refused. 

With rising medical costs, in the event of any illness that could be totally unrelated to cancer, yet demanding hospitalisation throughout her life, it will be extremely difficult. She is a spinster and has no income of her own as she is a full time Caregiver for my mother who is bedridden for the past several years. Financially, she is dependent on her only brother who is the sole earning member.

In view of this, it is all the more necessary for her to have a medical insurance policy. Why are there no sufficient policies on the part of the government to protect the interests of such patients? Cancer is completely treatable and may not resurface. Then why should such patients live their lives out without such benefits? What if she was discovered with cancer a day after she was enrolled? Would they pull back? 

Request the government to formulate some policy or scheme that would benefit such patients who may want to avail of a medical insurance policy.