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I want the ice epidemic to stop.

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The reason im creating this petition is because the drug ice stole the most important years of my life and i dont wish this for our future generation. When will we wake up and realise the government are well aware of the distruction but due to corruption and the large ammount of money made here in australia from this drug, i feel like whoever is behind all of this isnt just your average criminals. We get sucked into the advertisements they make warning us, but why is it still flooding our country? Australia has a high market for it and until i did research myself , it fueld me with anger to find out that in australia ice is pricey but very cheap in countries like iran and china. You can buy a point for as cheap as one dollar in iran for example. A point here sky rockets up to 50 to 80 dollars. The profit they make is millions so therefore we need to be aware that this isnt going to just stop. You are forced into rehab if found out of drug addiction in iran. That to me, is a great health system and should be enforced here in australia. Families, friends, users even. Arent you tired of sitting around and waiting for help? We need to fight for it. We need to make it known that greed is just as addictive as a drug. My life will never be the same, and im still picking up the remains from the damage day by day. I plan on destroying this drug as it has destroyed myself and many beautiful people . We need to understand that children are the future and if 5 out of 10 get addicted to this poisenous drug where does it leave the future? Its scary to think about of course. That is why we all have to come together and push and push because let me tell you, sitting back and waiting is wasting time and time is precious. I speak this with confidence and hope that we can rise above this deadly drug and rise above the corruption which is not looked into hard enough. 

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