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I want it to be possible to adopt an adult.

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Hello all, 

I know to some people the thought of adopting an adult seems a bit silly but many countries allow it. Here is why in my circumstances and many others it's important. 

In my case I have a daughter (mutual agreement foster child) who I have had since she was 13 she is now 22 and getting married having a child. Its wierd for us as there is only 7 years age Gap. But I have always wanted to adopt her but when she was at an age where that was possible her parents wouldn't agree although they haven't been present in her life since Tha young age. In many cases I'm hearing there are good reason this should be allowed. I've heard about long term foster children/parents who only have each other become an adult when they can finally make their own choice but then it's not possible. I've heard from families whom step dad is dying they are now 30 it's the only dad they have ever had and all they want is it the be official. I know people who have been through so much and met someone whom became a mother figure from a young adult,  there are so many different scenarios where this really means a lot for people. In many many countries this is possible but not ours. I want my daughter to be my daughter she is and feels it but I want it to be recognized not just told to change the last name ( which she has but it's not the same)

I'm going to be honest I don't know what the first thing to do is here but I have to start somewhere. If anyone has any advice or wants to help make a change please let me know 

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