Higher wages for soldiers

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The people who fight for our and other countries are roughly getting paid £20 thousands  year, hardly enough to live off if they were home all the time. However, the people who entertain us by kicking a ball and lying on the floor in ‘agony’ can earn this much in a day. The order of who is getting money is completely twisted, soldiers needs more recognition for their bravery and they need More money because what little they are bringing in is supporting their families as we’ll whilst they are gone. 

I think they need to be paid more, but as well as this there needs to Be some help set up for when they get back from a war zone as much many will come back with some sort of PTSD  and turn to drugs or something bad like that, the war can ruin their lives and yet we are helping them or giving them much money- even after they are protecting our country and risking their lives constantly.