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Fairness for fathers

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Fathers who have every right to see their children after a break up or divorce are being punished at the hands of the Child Maintenance Service and the mothers of the children are spending the hard earned maintenance payments on themselves instead of on the children it was meant for.  I want the law to change for fathers and I want the government to support fathers if they have been disallowed access to their children after a 12 month period for no genuine reason other than the spitefulness of the mother, I want the government to support fathers and give us the right to stop paying child maintenance in an effort for the mothers to realise what they are doing is wrong and allow access for the father to see his children.  It's amazing how many mothers will be scared to lose that income because of their pettiness towards the father.  I know this is a huge battle to start to fight but something has to change as so many fathers take their own life because of financial obligations without the rewards of seeing their children.  So many of us grow older missing so much of our children's lives because nobody puts a stop to the corruptness of the Child Maintenance Service. Stop the payments and I guarantee so many more fathers will see their children because of the greed of the mothers.  This is a controversial subject to cover and I don't expect all to understand but something has to change to save the lives of fathers and to stop the abuse the children suffer at the hands of their mothers.

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