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Des Carter started this petition to The Government

When I was young I remember playing outdoors with my friends virtually everyday. Its very sad to see and hear about how many youngsters and adults are choosing to stay inside their houses. Its fast becoming clear that society is becoming more isolated and insular from the real world, especially when so many people are on social media and computer consoles. 

I recently bought an E scooter for my daughters from Halfords, I was made aware that they are not legal to ride on public roads, however I was also told that if they are using them safely, the police would turn a blind eye. Unfortunately the police did not, and they were given a ticking off, had to take them back home , folded up for months on end, never to be used again. The situation the planet is in with regards to pollution, global warming and even congestion on our roads is outrageous.

I strongly believe if legalised, there would be less congestion on the roads, more car parking spaces and peoples general mental health would improve overnight, so to would the planet.

People with mental health like myself really enjoy the freedom an electric scooter gives, you feel exhilarated, safe and secure. There are many vulnerable adults out there and this just gives that feeling that you are able to get away quickly and safely if needs be.

I took a cycling proficiency test when I was a lad, don't know where that triangler badge is though! Never the less I was educated about the safe use of bikes on the roads and cycleways . I think if the same was done with e scooters, perhaps even insured it would be such a wonderful thing. 

Of course there are the ignoramus types out there to, but if they are caught then an instant fine and ban from using e scooters is sensible, there definitely has to be some legislation on the the safe use of these machines but not a blanket ban, its unfair on those who are safe and responsible.

Other European countries allow them why not here in the UK? 

I would also like to point out that electric bikes and mobility scooters are legal and I would not like to be hit by one of them, so why aren't they dangerous?

Come on government let's not be bonkers Britain and make the right choice and debate this sensibly in Parliament. 

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