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Stop Tax payer funds being awarded to ongoing development of petrol combustion engines

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The population of the Planet is facing Climate Change, brought about by Global Warming. This is a term given to the increased severity and number of natural events, storms, droughts, and melting of the Ice holding billions of tonnes of water which along with the expansion of warming water will effect a rise in sea levels to engulf low lying land. 

Global Warming is the result of extra CO2 levels in the Atmosphere CO2 is the most abundant of a number of gas emissions termed Green House Gasses because  they hold in the heat generated by the Sun causing a Green House effect.

It is clear that present Government policy to bring about change and reduce CO2 emissions is ambiguous at best and double talk at worst. Stopping Coal Fired power stations by 2025 but supporting Fracking for Natural Methane Gas, Methane is over 20 times more effective as a Green House Gas than CO2. So Fracking for Gas to supply Electricity generation and Housing with leaks does undermine policies and can be seen to waste tax funding in all respects.

Hydrogen is well known as an Emissions Free Fuel, basically Hydrocarbon fuel is Hydrogen with a Carbon element. Combusting hydrogen on its own is Zero Carbon emissions.  It is imperative that the World STOPS burning Fossil Fuels and bringing catastrophic and disastrous consequences for Humankind and other mammals

Hydrogen will by absolute necessity have to be used in all "energy generation applications" where direct renewable energy is unworkable. At present the direction is towards Hydrogen use in Fuel Cells which are very expensive and difficult to mass produce.(Hydrogen is an energy carrier it does not happen naturally and has to be produce using other energy.)

Given the exceptionally clear understanding of the dire nature of the continued burning of Hydrocarbon fuels it is beyond comprehension that Government provided funds continue to be awarded to further development of petrol engines.This fact is just another part of the attitude of an industry which it appears has learnt nothing from "dieselgate" or the Ad Blue Cartel scandal.

A clear example of this being that I entered my concept for a Hydrogen Hybrid Rotary Engine-generator, for the Technology Developer Accelerator Program in March 2017. It was not accept for Accelerated Development because, it was not developed to TRL 3 which is prototype level, with a cost anywhere between £500,000 and £2 million. What becomes clear, when the "chosen projects" were announced, 5 of 11 projects were new type or improved engines for continued use of Hydrocarbon fuels.

Whilst these engine will no doubt have reduced emissions, is this justifiable 25 years after Shell funded and produced a video clearly accepting that Oil and Gas caused CO2 emissions would become a disaster for the Planet and human beings.

Should these bodies charged with allocating Government Tax payer funding, be unchecked in continued funding for Petrol ICE when it is clear that petrol and all hydrocarbon fuels have to be STOPPED. These R&D bodies are refusing to support and fund development of Zero emission hydrogen Combustion at this point in time.

Is it justifiable that Advanced Propulsion Centre decided that "you are not focused enough" was a reason, not to fund and accelerate a project which has exceptional potential to bring about "Affordable Zero Emissions Electric Vehicles". How the judges could arrive at this conclusion from the On Line entry form is absolutely amazing, when they cannot see that anything hydrogen is essential to be developed. 

This action must be seen as stifling Hydrogen, to allow the continued use of Hydrocarbon petrol and Natural "Methane" Gas.

Part of my Concept is to have On Board the EV Hydrogen production, with the latest position being an agreement in principle to adapt an existing Hydrogen production unit for On board the Vehicle Use. Whilst this unit is working under similar conditions and seen as easily adaptable. Top R&D University professor categorically states that it cannot possibly work which contrary to his denial, effectively blocks HyPulJet.2.0 from development and further attempts at acquiring Government funding.

Would his decision to block an individual innovator with a Hydrogen Zero emission concept with 90% to 95% chance of success, have anything to do with making numerous petrol engine projects being overseen obsolete. What effect, would EVs with Hydrogen production on board the EV have on, a new £Multi Million lab to develop new power trains and future low-carbon fuels.

In support of my case, during 2016 HyPulJet.2.0 was assessed by Professor Ed Richardson of Southampton University. Who decided that the new engine design, method and process was "Plausible". That in order to ascertain whether it would be better than alternatives it would be necessary to develop the engine.

Differing opinion. One of which is put forward by a Professor with obvious conflicts of interest, where he and the University could and should be involved in such development projects, the other by a Professor who knew that it was not possible for him or Southampton University to be involved in such a development project.

This is a very serious question and dilemma, 

"Should Government/Tax payer funding continue to be used to develop petrol engines to the detriment of Humankind or should the Government direct that  Tax payer funding, should only be awarded to Zero Emissions Hydrogen projects to drive forwards Truly Clean Energy Transport for the benefit of People and Planet NOW before it is too late." 


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