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Because veterans are the reason we live in a free society. It is a travesty that anyone is homeless, but it is extremely tragic to know there are about 76,000 homeless veterans!

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Department of Veterans Affairs The Government
Create housing for homeless veterans!


I am a supporter of Stephanie Williams, a United States Navy Veteran of both Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. She served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower from September 2004 until April 2009.
She has had the great fortune to separate from the Navy and return home without the struggles of becoming homeless. However, according to the U.S. Census of 2010, there are approximately 76,000 homeless men and women that have once served our country.
She has thought of a plan to get EVERY homeless veteran a home using the new container homes such as the ones being constructed in Detroit beginning in 2013. The project to get all homeless veterans a home will cost approximately $7.5B using figures from the Detroit project, and it will take 4.6 years to pay off if we pay for it using both active duty personnel as well as those men and women that are now themselves veterans. Not a dime will come from civilian tax payers using her plan.
I want the government to hear her proposal. This petition is to get elected officials to hear her so they may meet with her and hear what I think is a great idea. Once they hear it, I am convinced they will implement this, and this could possibly be the last holiday season a veteran has to spend living without a home of their own.

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