I want my children back.

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My family was taken from me November 3 of 2015. My wife said she had to leave or the  three children  would be taken from both of us by social services. My wife gave me texts to convince me that this would only be temporary and we will get back together. I ran into her and the kids unexpectedly and tried to hug her. That ended up being an assault charge. I pled guilty for a peace bond. I was/am continually harassed and falsely accused by extremely bias social workers my  and by my wife's divorce lawyer appointed by the social system of stalking, slapping, affairs, threatening to kill a social worker, starving my kids, abuse of many kinds.i have never spanked, or touched my children violently or anyone in my life. Some of us Christians are like that.  

I have been arrested in front of my family on my second visitation and in custody for over 26 hours, 7 in shackles, to show me that I'm not supported to point out huge mistakes that social  workers make. My social worker told me that she would have no problem having me arrested again if I don't stop stalking my wife.This same social worker accused me of stalking my wife when I was volunteering at church 100 km away from where my wife was. There has been no stalking on my part in this 2 year nightmare. Lawyers, judges, therapists, police,  social workers, pharmacists,  funeral homes and more are all part of this corrupt, family ruining economy. This insanity has been going on for generation. And we still are paying taxes to have power hungry, control addicted parasites ruining our families and our children. This system has abused my wife's  vulnerable mental state ( paranoia , menopause and split personally and maybe worse) to brainwash the person I have been faithful to for 18 years. She wants nothing to do with me and has done everything possible to ruin my life and keep my kids, who are 6, 10 and 12 now, away from me. She has cloae friends at church who adopted children through social services who are covering up their parental errors by acusing me of things i didnt do. This is all fuel by the 3 girl that i adopted 16 years ago from my wifes first"""abusive"""marriage. All four have emotional issues at the least, and compulsive behaviors. One has been suicidal.  These girls went to police, social workers, and friends to start this nightmare with their false accusations of abuse. This kind of behavior is quite common in adopted situations.  

The whole system is broken and promotes  prostitution, drug use, divorce, suicide, child abuse, family abuse, children dieing in foster care, abuse of power, depression, trauma, abandonment, neglect, and much more. The mcfdistruction is destroying families and children's lives for profit. Families built this country. Not social workers. 

This has been going on for generations and needs to stop immediately if not sooner . You tube video called "The child protection industry" and many more links of whistle blowers will help explain the governMENTALLY fund  corruption.

I want my children back and I know my children want me back as well. They are living in a ticking time bomb with the unstable mother  Thousands of families across North America are affected by our governmentally funded ISIS. No family is safe. Please help save our families. Thankyou. Ken  Postman

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