Clean Water on The First Nations Reserves.

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Being Canadian, our nation is told to be one of the most supportive and nicest countries worldwide. Canada has the world's largest mass of fresh water yet what we as Canadians don't know is that our First Nations population don't have access to clean drinking water. This is being hidden from the world and needs to be a bigger issue. We are giving away water to other countries without providing for half of our country. We care to change this and make Canada an even better place. Everyone deserves to have clean drinking water especially if it is one of your own countries main exporting material. The reason why people don't pay as much attention to this is that because the First Nations are most likely to be in poverty and be in lower class areas that no one knows. We want to make our country a big nation and provide equal opportunities and resources.

This will make us feel better as a Canadian. Doing this for the First Nations of Canada, we will have made a change in our country to better the people and save more lives. It will be a more convenient way of living for the First Nations.