Change the term "Black" to African and African American

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Good evening everyone. I have a story to tell you, one of self-finding. I urge you to read with the intent to understand, and not criticize. Please. "Black". This term has been the cause of a worldwide debate. But what is "black"? Some would argue that it is what some people choose to identify with, others will tell you that is a colour, and does not bring justice to somebody's cultural heritage. I am one of those people who will tell you the latter.

Have you ever wondered why on documents, the races are "Caucasian", "Asian", "Hispanic" and "Black". I put it to you, why do the others have such official names referencing their continent, and the race which originated from Africa is called "Black"? A colour. Has this never sparked some kind of question in your mind? Because it sure has in mine.

We live in a time where people WANT to be recognized by their cultural heritage. We live in a time where people don't want to be called by a colour anymore. We live in a time where people recognize the importance of having a cultural heritage. So, we want the official and legal name to be changed to African and African American. African for those of us who were not born in western countries, but still hold dear to our cultures and values back home and African American for those of us who were in fact born in western countries. It isn't fair to force people to be called a name that they don't want to be called, and we as Africans would like and prefer to be called by our continental name: African. There are many people with African heritage scattered around the world. Haitians, Caribbeans, And Africans. We all want to be called by an official name instead of one with no cultural or heritage meaning. We want to be recognized as a people full of diversity and rich values. WE ARE AFRICANS.

Some people may say they don't want to be called Africans because they weren't born in Africa. I ask you, the Asians not born in Asia, are they not still called Asians? Yes they are; because they understand that culture is way bigger than anybody and must be continued.

We are more than just a colour. We are brilliant, we are creative, we are artistic, we are musicians, WE ARE GREAT.

I urge everyone to not only sign this petition, but to find out more about themselves. You are more than just a colour, you are a continent. CHANGE THE NAME "Black" to African and African American.