Change the law on child destruction!!!

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This petition has been created to add a bill similar to the Americans “unborn victims of violence act” it has in no way been created to change or challenge the laws surrounding abortion.

Jamies Bill:

Our aim is to put a legislation into place or change the child destruction act (1929) that was made regarding backstreet abortions that used to take place, in the eyes of the law your child does not count as a victim of any crime unless your pregnancy has passed the 24 week gestation period, this means if you kill an unborn child you cannot be charged with the murder of that child, you cannot be charged with assaulting an unborn child.

Many suffers of domestic abuse and those who have been assaulted have had premature labour induced as a result of this, premature labour carries many risks in itself however the perpetrator who committed this crime will not be charged with any extra assault charges or murder if the incident that took place happened before the 24 week mark, morally i know many will disagree with this however in the eyes of the law your child is not a person yet and therefore the perpetrator has not committed any offence by killing it and the only charges they will carry are those committed against the mother of the child.

The law doesn’t see your child as a person until 24 weeks. A childs heart starts beating 22 days after conception, the heart beat is visible onscreen after 5 weeks, by 16 weeks you can find out the babies sex. Children should be recognised as life when their heart starts beating, the gestation time stated in the law should be moved to 16-18 weeks as that is when a baby stops being an “it” and starts becoming a “he” or a “she” this is when babies start becoming an individual and so this is when babies should be recognised as life. A new legislation needs to be put into place to protect those lives that can not yet protect themselves. So many mothers don’t get the privilege of raising the child that grew inside them due to no fault of their own, its a privilege every mother deserves and yet not every one gets to have.

Here in the UK we do not yet have a law that covers crimes against unborn children before 24 weeks, the “unborn victims of violence act” under American law recognised unborn babies as victims of homicide at ANY stage of development not just 24 weeks and onwards. A similar legislation practiced by 38 states called “foeticide” also recognises those under 24 weeks as victims of crime.

The child destruction act covers abortions after 24 weeks however abortion is legal under the Abortion act 1967 so adding a further legislation similar to the “unborn victims of violence act” does not directly effect abortion laws as the act protects those against CRIMES and due to the Abortion act- abortion is not a CRIME and therefore any who have an abortion before the 24 week mark stated in the law cannot be charged with the violence act as they have not committed a crime but any abortions after the 24 week mark is an offence in itself. I strongly believe we should put this “unborn victims of violence act” into practice to protect those lives who cannot yet protect themselves, any babies who die as a result of abuse, assault or any other related crimes should be recognised in a court of law. The law should put away abusers, assaulters and anyone else who causes a death of a baby after 16-18 weeks. The most basic human right is that everyone has the right to live and so real jail time needs to be available to everyone and anyone who takes this away especially from a defenceless child, together we can ensure that justice gets served for all the babies lost whilst their mother struggled against another, child destruction shouldn’t be so lenient, a life is a life and should be recognised as such by everyone

Change the requirements for chargeable offences under the child destruction act or add the “unborn victims of violence act” to protect the lives of the innocent.


In dedication to baby Jamie & all the other little hearts that stopped beating