Change Australian rearward facing laws

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The law states that if your child is 4 years of age or over you must turn their car seat to face forward. Rearward facing is the safest option for a child and you’re actually allowed to turn a baby at 6 months! ��‍♀️

In Sweden they have car seats that rear face a child comfortably until around 6 years old and they have one of the lowest child car crash mortality rates. They’ve been rear facing their children for almost 50 years and studies show that almost no children die from car accidents.

So why wouldn’t you want to keep your child as safe as you can for as long as possible?

We need the minimum and maximum laws changed. 6 months is way too young (and babies are too small) to be forward facing. And they should be rear facing until they don’t fit, not just when they turn a certain age.