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Blinded by power and money, awaken by the cries of Justice

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We respectfully request in this petition to stop the extrajudicial killings that is currently going on in our country right now. EJKs are continuously spreading that brings various effects to us and if these killings won’t stop now, it will not stop sooner and will led to much bigger situations that will affect us all. Reasons to stop extrajudicial killings are as follows.

A total of 3,257 extrajudicial killings (EJKs) were committed during the Marcos dictatorship. In contrast, there were 805 drug-related fatalities from May 10 (when Rodrigo Duterte emerged winner of the presidential election) to Aug. 12, per the Inquirer count. If the current rate continues, the total number of EJKs for the six years of the Duterte administration will end up about 700 percent more than the killings committed during the 14 years of the Marcos dictatorship.

If these unnecessary killings won’t stop, we must expect that this country will have no humans left but instead, blood rapidly flowing with the bodies of the victims on the side.

Extrajudicial killings are not just ordinary killings because it is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are mostly seen by humanity to be unethical, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Extrajudicial killings often target leading political, trade union, dissident, religious, and social figures and are only those carried out by the state government or other state authorities like the armed forces or police, as extra-legal fulfillment of their prescribed role. But it seems like the EJKs we are experiencing now don’t just target rich people, political people but those people who live on the streets struggling to survive.

                 In our administration today, the President can be considered terribly-ill or he just doesn’t know what he was doing and what he is capable of. Our country is turning into a war zone and most of us can’t do anything because these people are scared to fight for what’s right when in return your life will be in danger. And the President continues with his war on drugs that in the first place, ticked off everything to be in this way.

Rodrigo Duterte rode to power on the promise that he would rid the country of drugs and crime. The methods he proposed were highly controversial, and often involved fatal means. Duterte has boasted about killing people himself, and said that he would “fatten the fish in Manila bay” with the bodies of 100,000 dead criminals.

Many wrote this off as mere campaign rhetoric. But Duterte was inaugurated on June 30 and in just over a month, at least 600 people have been killed in the name of his violent war on drugs. On June 5, 2016, a month after he was elected, Duterte stood in front of national television, outlining his plan for cracking down on drug addicts.

“Feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have a gun,” he said. “You have my support.”

Fatal force, Duterte told the crowd, was a reasonable response to drug addicts. “If he fights and he fights to death, you can kill him.”

“Barilin mo [shoot him] and I’ll give you a medal,” he told a cheering crowd. “Shoot a lot and I will make you police chief,” he joked.

The statement garnered international attention and condemnation from human rights groups. Critics took this as an incitement to violence. Apparently vigilantes did as well. Those vigilantes did a pretty great job in turning our country into a war zone and of course with the help of our President.

There are certain things in this world that we don’t joke about – rape, suicide, mental illness, racism, and extrajudicial killings. What power does the President contain that he thinks he can make a joke about killing innocent people without undergoing due process? People who still support him really need to wake up from their deep slumber because the President that they are supporting right now can be the cause of their own life.

But who are those vigilantes we are talking about? Of course it can be anyone but unfortunately the table turned around. Those vigilantes are the police officers who are supposed to do their job to make our country in control and in peace. They are the ones who are supposed to protect us. But why are we the ones protecting ourselves from them? Why are we the ones who are running from them instead of us running from the criminals?

The Philippine National Police (PNP) is responsible for the extrajudicial, vigilante-style killings of drug suspects, New York-based group Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a report released Thursday, March 2. These incidents, now in the thousands, are attributed by the police to unknown killers.

 “These killings were not carried out by ‘rogue’ officers or by ‘vigilantes’ operating separately from the authorities,” read the HRW report. “Our research indicates that police involvement in the killings of drug suspects extends far beyond the officially acknowledged cases of police killings in ‘buy-bust’ operations.”

Since July 1, 7,080 people have been reported killed during the enforcement of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war. The police list 2,555 people killed allegedly in self-defense by the police in various operations. At least 3,603 are listed as deaths under investigation.

PNP must really think that the citizens of this country are stupid enough thinking that we believe all the lies they are babbling, think again. If the accused suspect really did something that was against the law, they should first investigate, let the suspect undergo due process but instead they are ordering them to put their knees on the floor, hands behind their head or worst carry a gun and then run. So that it may appear that the “suspect” really fought back.

Two witnesses to the killing of 19-year-old Carl Angelo Arnaiz told a Senate inquiry on Monday that the boy was on his knees when he was shot and that the shooters were police officers, but differed on the time the shooting happened.

Appearing at the third hearing called by the Senate committee on public order and dangerous drugs, taxi driver Tomas Bagcal said he saw two police officers shoot Arnaiz at past 4 a.m. while another witness who gave his name as Joe Daniel said the shooting happened at 2 a.m. on Aug. 18.

Both witnesses, however, attested that Arnaiz did not die in a gunfight with police but was killed in cold blood.

Are the police officers really doing their job? Because it clearly appears that their new job is entitled “to kill innocent people”. These innocent people, kids, millennials who have dreams, families, potential and the chance to contribute in changing this country and making it a better one are now gone. All because of the unpleasant actions that the police and the President are doing.

"We all agree that the war on drugs won't be won by extrajudicial killings, or even death penalty, or even legitimate encounters. The war against drugs is also a war on poverty, war on powerlessness," La Viña said.

We want our President to succeed in his fight against illegal drugs. But in his haste and zeal, he may end up accused of a crime more serious than the ones perpetrated by his archenemies. The last thing our country needs is a President facing trial at the International Criminal Court.

Our life is the most beautiful gift God has given us. The ability to think and the capability to make decisions are the ones that differentiate us from other living things. We all want this place to be a better one. And we know that, that is also the President’s goal. But there are a lot of ways to achieve what we want other than performing extrajudicial killings. Those lives that are already taken won’t be back even if they already have justice. Their families will continue to feel their loss, will continue to mourn. Their dreams are already gone and their lifeless body will forever be inside a coffin.

How many more lives are we going to sacrifice if we don’t make a change? How many more amount of blood will be placed in the wrong hands? How many more families are going to suffer and cry for justice?

Thus, we really ask for your approval to this request to save not only innocent lives but also our country.

If we don’t start changing ourselves and thinking to fight for what’s right, no matter how long, we won’t make a change. Those lives that were sacrificed and didn’t get the justice they deserve, their sacrifice will be nothing. They died for nothing.

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