Ban hunter groups from streaming of live on line stings.

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We believe that the increasing number of live streams reporting suspected sexual activity which involves underage children on Social Media is very dangerous.   This is putting innocent people at risk - as shown recently with a sting carried out by Protecting The Innocent on facebook.

We ask that the law is changed to prevent anyones details or picture being released until they have been charged.

 Many of these 'stings' must fall under thelaw as Entrapment. The streaming of these live stings could also jeapordise on-going Police investigations.

We ask that any information regarding a case which people have recieved - presumably because these groups are classed as witnesses - is not allowed to be published on social media until charges have been brought.

We also ask that Facebook rethink thier code and standards which currently allow these groups to operate and stream these videos.

If these changes are made it will eliminate the chances of false accusations being made which ultimately can ruin an innocent persons life.

We ask that these groups hand any documentation or evidence to Police to help convict guilty parties.