Ban firework sale to the general public

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As we know, professional firework displays happen all over Britain on the 5th of November. However, prior to this date, around a month beforehand (and sometimes after) fireworks are allowed to be sold to the general public in supermarkets and local shops. Fireworks are often mishandled and should only be used in the hands of professionals to prevent risk of harm. To add to this, fireworks are being set off all over the UK at random times, causing anxiety for a lot of animals like horses, dogs and cats. This petition has been started to ask people to PLEASE support the ban of fireworks to the general public, and to keep fireworks to professionals displays ONLY. Every single year we are faced with the shocking stories of animals being put through unnecessary stress because of fireworks. Every single year we are told a horrific horror story about fireworks accidents that have gone wrong our fire department are bending over backwards attending fires and accidents that could have been prevented if the sale of fireworks was banned in the UK to the general public. We NEED to as a country, come together and make this change so that the suffering stops NOW. Thanks for reading.