Balancing work and family through parental leave :)

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Hi everyone :)

I’m hoping that you can help me on an important issue that’s being discussed at the moment. 

I’d love if you could spare a minute to read this short synopsis on parental leave & the need to extend this for working families. 

First & Foremost “What is Parental Leave?”

In Ireland this is a facility for working parents to take unpaid leave in days/weeks/months to mind their child/children to a maximum of 90 days per child until 8 years of age. 

The purpose of this act is provide an option to working families to balance work & family life. The employer benefits from having happier employees thus increased morale, productivity, savings on salary and overall a culture of inclusion on both sides. 

Did you know that at the moment in Ireland the allowance doesn’t allow inter transferability between partners (unless you both work for same employer and they are open to this arrangement).

So parental leave for most people runs out very quickly! In fact long before play school options kick in. 

The really good news is that there’s a proposal at the moment to extend this by a further 30 days per child. It might even include an option to allow parents to transfer their allowance to one another! Which for people like me would be life changing. 

Sounds GREAT???

Ahhhhh it is but it needs OUR support! 

Please please help raise this on the governments agenda by signing this petition :)  

It mightn’t mean anything to you right now.....but it just might in the future and that helps everyone.

Thanks so much for reading.....l really hope that our efforts demonstrate to the government that implementing this extension will be a fantastic work life balance for families of young children. 

Faye Gorman ~ Mammy to little Alanza....the love of our life, who brings unlimited funniness and makes all we do worthwhile! x