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I want to get justice for terrorist attack victims

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I want to submit this petition to get justice for everyone who has suffered. It is time for change. Anybody who is under suspicion of terrorist offensives, regardless of there religious views, there age, gender or there nationality need to be dealt with accordingly. This is not a racist opinion as I'm not putting it down to race. I'm putting it down individuals that want to course harm to humanity. To many times have suspected terrorist managed to cause harm and injury to innocent people. If the government have any suspicions about people wanting to join terrorist organisations they need to be aprihended an delt with before its to late. I want to get enough people to sign my petition an back my views to make a change for the right reasons. Enough is enough things need to stop know before it get to the point of people taking things into there own hands. There need to be a plan put in place to stop terror attacks before they happen. They are easily preventable if anyone being looked into by government agencies are delt with accordingly as soon as they are under the raydar. If anyone is looking into terrorist properganda they should be deemed unpredictable and dangerous. 

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