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Stop the ELD Mandate its not safe, it will force untrained drivers into unsafe situations

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By enforcing electronic logs into all trucks from mega carriers, and small business owners it will harm the driving force and consumer force of america.

Its not a good idea for safe drivers accident free to have these devices. It will hurt there regulated drive hours and income, it ll force them to sell their businesses.

The electronic logs should only be required to any drivers and mega carrier who has and continues to have a bad safety score to be monitored. As the logs will force all drivers to drive at the same time. That being said we already suffer from wrecks from rookie drivers with little training and forced to drive their hours and minimal safe parking, if all drivers run out of time at the same time every day.

If everyone is required to be on elogs, then our trucks should all be able to run the same speed 70 mph in all states to create a safe pace and cover miles or most loads will be late and companies dont allow parking on property.

Or we all need to be put on an hourly pay basis, and do away with driving to make money as the elogs will be detrimental to paychecks. Alot of drivers barely make good money and still live paycheck to paycheck.

If elds are forced the price of every day products purchased by consumers will go up. How? it will force drivers to do a mandatory shut down for a ten hour break after driving eleven hours and if they are five minutes from a customer the appointments must be rescheduled to reset hours to load or unload on duty. If freight is late constantly shelves will be empty and gas stations out of fuel, and truck stops will be out of fuel as well. While angry customers demand product we have to wait the next day to continue.

When that happens its not going to be good business will be forced to close and lose money that day. All your internet amazon products will no longer have a two day garuntee delivery time. Fresh food will be on a truck two days before it makes it to the shelves cutting into the sell by dates same with dairy products. 

With this eld mandate the transportation industry will get worse. With unqualified improperly trained drivers new three month old drivers training three week old drivers the lack of parking and road safety will get worse causing congestions in major cities trying to park fuel islands will constantly be full weigh station ramps and parking will be full rest areas will be full the eld will make all drivers drive like robots at the same time shut down at the same time. They are not safe imagine you are done driving after nine hours and you cant sleep yet lay awake for 4 hours in your sleeper, and then go to sleep but you have to get up and drive in six your comapny will force you, and hold your job over your head hows that safe. Now your driving on five or six hours of sleep. For another ten hours thats a cause for wrecks to happen.




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