Justice For Asmat Khanrejo

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26-Year-old Asmat Khanrejo was drugged, raped and killed by her doctors from Karachi. Due to these creatures, Asmat Khanrejo passed away. Asmat Khanrejo had gone for a toothache to her specialist. A call was made to her family a few hours after the fact, telling them about her critical condition. Asmat Khanrejo, a young lady from Karachi, left her home in Ibrahim Hyderi to look for a serious toothache medicine from Korangi's Sindh Government Hospital. Somewhat later, somebody at the emergency hospital phoned Khanrejo's family, saying Asmat was in critical condition. Asmat was later taken to the hospital in Jinnah where she was reported dead. According to the medicinal report, there was no physical injury, but she was given a toxic injection followed by sexual assault as indicated by the post-mortem examination. 

The family has since filed a FIR against the hospital for carelessness and firing the man who called Asmat's family alongside two different individuals from staff.The duty officer, Dr. Ayaz has not yet been found.

The government must take strict action on this and blacklist the doctor and put him behind bars for good. He is to be given the proper punishment for this. The people of Pakistan are urged to take a stand for this. A hospital is a place where you are supposed to be the safest. It is a place which is supposed to prevent your death, not cause it.