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Grant equal rights to all 6 year olds

If a 6 year old boy is allowed to be a girl, and start action over her son/daughter not being able to use the bathroom, then every 6 year old should be able to choose their life and everything about it.

*6-year-old boys who want to be firemen must be issued hoses, helmets, an axe, and big black boots.

*6-year-old boys who want to be policemen? Guns and badges, of course, and maybe a few cold-case files to warm up on.

*6-year-old boys who want to be wizards will need a big pointy cap and a wand.

*6-year-old boys who want to be Davy Crockett must be issued a rifle, a big knife, a coonskin cap, and turned loose in the wilderness.

*6-year-old boys who want to play in the NFL must be allowed to enter the draft.

*6-year-old boys who want to be soldiers shall be sent to boot camp then immediately deployed to one of our easier wars, like Iraq, until they get old enough for Afghanistan.

*6-year-old boys who want to be Bugs Bunny shall be issued ears, a fuzzy tail, and be allowed to hop through the hallways at school.

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