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Stop selling jobs oversea's so Americans can have a chance to survive

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If we American's do not do something soon, we will crumble. There are more poor American's than rich ones and alot of them are out of jobs because big business is using overseas labor because it is are we supposed to buy the product if we are too poor to do so? I fear the world is heading to a place that will leave everyone penniless, homeless and starved. With the medical insurance prices on the rise and talks of doing away with welfare medicare, our children will suffer!  They government is now talking about taking away planning parenthood which helps low income mothers get the care they need.  If planning parenthood is taken away then the birth rate will rise dramatically, and there are not enough jobs for those potential parents.  Because we have allowed China to do jobs that American's are fully capable of doing, our children have been poisoned...their toys and juice have been proven to have chemicals in it that could cause harm and possible death and yet we still continue to let them to the job of making said toys and juices!  I work in a place where i speak with many people from all over the United states and even Canada and as soon as they hear something is made in China they back away from it and say they will never buy anything that is made in china.  Food, toys, drinks, and even dog treats have been found have chemicals in it that have killed animals, given children mind altering disorders, and has even left children dead!  Why let a country that does not set boundaries on what chemicals go into what is being made for the ones we care about  when we can make all of these things ourselves, with our own standards and regulations to ensure that the product is safe.

This is not something just happening here, check this out

This is in no way a racial issue with China, this is a self preservation issue for America!  Our ancestory built a life here using our own resorces so why can we not go back to that? Go th and read this article...  This gives a disturbing glimpse into what is happening in the small towns all over America.  You can't win either way, if you live in a small town the jobs are few and the pay is low.  If you live in or near the city, the pay is high but so is the cost of living.  I fear for the futures of the generations to come, things get worse as I get older and there seems to be no relief in sight.  We American's need to take back our rights, our constitutional rights, and reverse our process of how we get things done economically.  Why do you think there is a record number of inner city children that turn to a life of crime?  Because that is the only source of income/survival they have because there are not very many jobs these days.  

Our children are going to give up on their education eventually because they will see that no matter what they do it will not get them anywhere...check this out...

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Please, I ask that you do some research and see what i am talking about, google something about china poisoning our food and toys and drinks.  Google how the economy is affecting the people in 2012, abuse in children has risin since the economy has broke down, American people are suffering, but guess who is not this article about how well they are doing...  suicide rates have risen also.  Check out this article about that

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