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Require medical workers to take drug tests in order to keep their licenses.

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I have worked in the medical field for over 5 years now in different areas and I have seen things not everyone realizes goes on. I have seen nurses, aids, or other medical workers who use illegal drugs sometimes coming to work impaired or using on the job. This happens at nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, doctor's offices, even emergency responders can be users. What's worse is some of these medical professionals have access to narcotics on a daily basis. The number of drug abusers in the medical field is alarming but what is more alarming is the fact that no one has made a law requiring regular drug testing. In my 5 years of working in the medical field I have only been required to take a drug test when starting a new job (which is twice). Currently the government leaves it up to the individual facilities to require drug testing with the exception of a very few fields. Government dollars fund the services rendered by these facilities. The staff are responsible for everything from washing and dressing patients who are unable to wash and dress themselves to dispensing controlled substances to the patient or preforming life saving procedures. While their are laws in place to prevent and limit the chance someone will steal the medications available for patients little to nothing is done to prevent staff from using illegal drugs while working in the field. The use of drugs can lead to substandard care and put the patients health and safety in danger. Please sign this petition to let the government know you want your loved ones and yourselves protected when in the hands of workers in the medical field. Tell them anyone required to have a license or certificate to hold their position needs to be required to take a drug test annually. This should not just be a list of names randomly selected by a computer, this should be every worker in every field every year. It should be done at random times so the workers can't "clean out" before the test and it should be done by a third party to ensure the employer isn't adjusting the results. A positive drug test should result in disciplinary action including loss of license and termination from their position.

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