Action on Climate change needs to start now

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My name is Zoe, and I am a 13-year-old student living in Perth Australia. I am also, like thousands of young Australians, passionate about taking action against climate change.

Climate change is an important issue that is affecting the whole world. The polar caps are melting due to global warming and in the next 100 years, the temperature could rise by up to 9 degrees in some places! In 2018 alone, 123 weather records were broken and it was the hottest 12 months on record! Evidence has shown that we have 12 years to get climate change under control. This means that we need to cut pollution by at least 30% by 2025, use more renewable energy and less coal or gas, and limit and put a price on carbon emissions.

Australia has the ability to be a world leader in taking action against climate change and committing to renewable energy, but at the moment the government is not doing enough. Australia is constantly exporting coal, and that is the world's biggest cause of climate change. Burning coal for electricity produces 29% of Australia’s total greenhouse gas emissions so introducing renewable energy to replace coal would be a major step in the right direction. Coal mining and burning are also directly related to the hundreds of species becoming extinct every single day.

We are the next generation of Australians, so what the government does determines our future. We might not be able to vote, but what we do and say should influence the government's decisions. Thousands of young Australians rallied for climate change at over 130 events in April this year, wanting the government to take a stand and do the right thing for our country. Millions of students around the world are striking for climate change, starting with a girl called Greta Thunberg, who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Please sign this petition to show the government that we must act now to prevent a climate catastrophe.