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Abolish The VA Disability Compensation Percentage System, Give Veterans 100% Disability!

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It's time that the percentage system at the VA for disability compensation benefits be abolished. Either we are fully disabled or we are not! The VA made sure that we were 100% fit to enlist and fit for duty by giving us a thorough physical. They made sure that they put us under a microscope to make sure that we were 100% well. With that said, We should either be considered 100% disabled when we apply for benefits (if we truly are) and awarded 100% compensation when we come home ill with some unknown sickness from serving in the war and not 10% 20% 30%....etc. disabled...  The question is....How are we the Veterans considered to be only 10% disabled for instance and the VA only think we are worth only $133.00 a month to live off of? In addition, we're sick,  we can not work, (If we could, we would) we served this country, we fought in a war for freedoms that an "Un-Greatful Nation" still enjoy today and then we have to come home and have to fight for years through numerous denials and low percentages with the VA for this little bit of money to live off of when others who have decided to do drugs and get hooked on them for instance, have never seen the outside of the US, did not fight in any wars but are awarded the full 100% disability compensation and receive checks every month in the thousands of dollars??? What's wrong with this picture??

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