Abolish rewarding of 100% school attendance DISABLED KIDS, ILL KIDS, NOT FAIR

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In this modern era we do not stand for discrimination. If people are racist, discriminate or exclude sectors of people they face consequences. Why then in school do we allow this blatant discrimation to take place?Children  with serious illnesses simply will never be able to achieve 100% attendance. They are being discriminated against every day. My daughter has cystic fibrosis and in just 19 days of term so far she has had 5 medical appointments to attend. Therefore her illness not only stops her leading a normal child's life it also leads to her being set up to fail in other areas . Why should we reward children without health issues for achieving 100% attendance and not reward kids with disabilities or illnesses who do their utmost to attend school? Our sick and disabled kids can't achieve this. It's not their fault. We need to encourage and enhance the abilities of kids with illnesses. We need to let them know their health comes first and foremost. It's far more important than outdated government targets. This applies to so many illnesses and disabilities. Please open your minds and hearts to the kids who weren't blessed with good health. We also need to stop parents from being pressurised into sending their kids into school if they are unwell as this spreads illness and disease to other kids and especially to those with underlying health conditions. This isn't the schools fault this is the fault of our government and stupid outdated targets. All our precious kids need encouraging and rewarding. However there are other ways than via attendance. Even healthy kids get sick and can't manage 100% so this system is inappropriate for all.