8 year old girl being brutally raped for communal disputes. #JUSTICEFORTHEGIRLCHILD #ASIFA

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Six people are accused of raping an eight year old child, inside a hindu temple, because she belonged to a Muslim tribe. This was done because the Hindus demanded the return of an acre of land, where the family was living, in Kathua, Kashmir-A Hindu dominated area. This is the most extreme level of inhumanity and demonism. It would not just impact me, but the nation as a whole, to see the culprits being punished in the way that they should be, to see a spark of humanity in this devilish act of the monsters. For once let us not make it about the religion, the crime could be communal, but justice can't. Where there is religion, there is politics, and where there is politics, there is injustice. Insaaf maanga hai, ilzaam nahi. Agar naam se mazhab yaad aata hai, toh matt lo naam, insaaf maanga hai, ilzaam nahi. #JUSTICEFORTHEGIRLCHILD #Asifa. �