School fee reduction request for Covid19

School fee reduction request for Covid19

2 June 2020
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The Governing body of Adamas
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Why this petition matters

Covid-19 Fee Reduction Appeal

As we all know Covid-19 has severely impacted our way of living. Education method has been dramatically shifted towards online and the impact on the nation's economy is quite severe. No doubt that most, if not all, businesses are severely hit and measures for business survival have been undertaken by companies in India.

Cash conservation become a paramount matter as uncertainty of how the economy will recover remains high. This petition is signed by parents of Adamas International School,Kolkata in demanding the school board for a reduction of school fees in this very difficult circumstances.

We, as parents, deeply appreciate the dedication, perseverance and flexibility of all the Staff and Teachers at AIS in their efforts to ensure continuation of education in the e-Learning environment & their engagement with the welfare of all students. This process has clearly been a steep learning curve for Teachers, Students and Parents alike and we welcome the effort that has gone on behind the scenes to enable this provision of teaching to occur and continue.However, there is no scope of use of facilities and materials for Art, PE, Drama, Music and the ancillary services and facilities available to them in the usual course of schooling.

Our children have been absent from the AIS campus since the new session due to COVID19 circumstances and this is look set to continue at least for the coming months for their safety. Over this period there is no operational expenditure of AIS like administration,food and transportation.Furthermore, many parents have paid fees in advance and as such a significant portion of AIS annual revenue and cash flow has already been secured. This model should allow you, as a school, to be more proactive in supporting parents through this difficult and unprecedented times.

In light of the above we, and in consideration of fairness to both AIS and the parents of AIS Students, we are requesting the following:

Refund of increased admission fees
Deduction of fees for the components like administrative, transport and food on the total bi-monthly fees.
Continuation of online study till the Covid19 situation becomes stable.
Looking forward for your favourable response.

Yours Sincerely,

The Parents of AIS


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Signatures: 384Next Goal: 500
Support now

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