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There is a problem in Cape May County and it has a stranglehold on our youth. With the county only focusing on the summer season, our youth have nothing to look forward to in the winter which leads them down the wrong path. It's no secret that alcohol and drug abuse, suicide, and teenage pregnancy are problems that arise in the county. Our goal with the documentary film, Dreamchasers is to spread awareness about these issues and show that there are many talented young kids and young adults in the area that are affected by these circumstances. With our local government bodies endorsement of the film, we could work together and  to give real change for our youth to be able to evolve without negative vices or influences.

Letter to
The Governing Bodies of Cape May County, NJ
I just signed the following petition addressed to: The Governing Bodies of Cape May County, NJ.

For years now, drug and alcohol abuse have been a problem with the youth in our country. In fact, it is really a huge fact about Cape May County, that most of the youth turn to drugs and alcohol because there is nothing for the youth to do during the winter months.

The team in place to make this film and the signers of this peitition are tired of this and want real change for the youth and young adults in Cape May County. With this film, we intend to raise awareness about the change we want to see.

We ask for your endorsement and your help with our mission. With your endorsement, the citzens of Cape May County will know of our attempts for change and also with your help we can work side by side to see this change through. Together we can make Cape May County a better place for our youth to devlop in to adults.


The Dreamchasers Team
& Top Tier Express, LLC

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