Petition Closed

We believe that the widely-condemned Bill, which was drafted in 2009 and has been the subject of criticism both at home and abroad, must be unanimously rejected. A number of world leaders have condemned the Bill including US President Obama who described it as "odious." Civil society groups have warned that the Bill risks further isolating Uganda from the international community.

We call on Parliament to reject the Bill for the following reasons:

  • The Bill overtly violates personal freedom and the guarantee of non-discrimination enshrined under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Uganda is a party.

  • The Bill breaches the Ugandan Constitution and existing human rights commitments by violating the rights to privacy, freedom from discrimination, equal protection for al, and protection of minorities.

  • The Bill is not just targeted at homosexual individuals, but is a wider attack on the freedoms of expression and association. Civil society space will be suppressed as the work of civil society organisations that promote the rights of LGBTI people will be criminalised through the cancellation of registration and punishment of the head of the organisation with seven years imprisonment.

We urge Parliament to fully reject the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, whether in its original or amended form. We call for the recognition of the freedom of expression and protection of civil society activists in Uganda.

Letter to
Senior Public Relations Officer Ranny Ismail
office of the speaker, uganda parliament Helen Kawesa
We the undersigned,

endorse the following statement and conclude with our request:-

The Ugandan parliament is about to consider passage of the highly controversial Anti-homosexuality bill. The entire world will be faced with considering whether or not it will continue to support a country that infringes the basic human right to one's sexuality.

Sexuality is not a choice, it is a natural condition and science has proven such. Yet in a world where LGBT people are attaining equality, Uganda is set to pass a bill that seeks to imprison or put to death people who follow their natural sexual attraction to the same sex.

Uganda is a respected sovereign country and of course it may choose to exist in isolation; but as a social and economic player in globe, it must accept international standards of human rights, without which its participation becomes impossible.