We need a better school system

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It's common sense that school is super important when it comes to your life. So if the school gets improved millions of student's lives would also be improved. But the school system has a bunch of problems that make our life harder. Firstly it's based on the industrial revolution and the world has changed a lot since then but the school hasn't. Problems with the school system can be things like lack of creativity and interest because everybody needs to learn the same thing at the same place and at the same time which isn't realistic if you come to the conclusion that every human has different needs. Everybody has different interests and has different kinds of preferred learning so why does everybody have to learn in the exact same way? And why is it that there are a bunch of important things that we don't learn and at the same time we learn things that almost nobody would have a use for in their life. The school also doesn't try to get you interested in what we are learning when interest is a major key element for learning. In fact, I already learn way more from youtube than school when youtube is literally designed to make money. There are many many more problems with the school system.