The government allocating a budget for hemophilia and other bleeding disorders

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Hemophilia is a genetic blood disorder where if one is cut or bruised bleeding doesn't clot normally,this leads to death,disability or even stigma if not managed.It affects 1 in 10,000 people. Hemophilia has been assumed by many strong bodies like the government and yet we loose a lot of innocent life's. We depend on donations of drugs called factor 8&9 because they are very expensive to buy a dose which cost ksh 50000/={$500}. That means if the donor stops supporting us our hemophilia generations will instinct.Still we get free donations but the process of shipment is long and yet many are suffering. Since June 2018 we get serious admission of hemophiliacs since we have no factor in the country. Visit our National hospital Kenyatta National Hospital,Coast general, MTRH and muranga district hospitals and hear the crying hemophilia families in wards and even in refugees camps.think a bout this you enjoy life since your body allow full clotting while there is a young life that wishes to be like you. We request our President and Kenyan citizen to think about about this -blood being a key component and that it doesn't stop normally- Save our hemophilia generation by allocating a budget for us. #livinghomophilic_vwd. #mr.president_uhuru.