Stop paying taxes in Bombay till they don't wakeup & change our state during monsoon!!!!!

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Year after year there is destruction & loss of valuable life. We all scream shout & lose our minds over the floods. They say they are prepared but there is no sign of prep. This city is not capable of even handling a few hours of rain let alone 2 or 3 days n night of heavy rainfall. Where the hell is our hard earned money going ??? Bombay is the land where everyone flocks to for jobs & there is serious money being earned here & heavy taxes being paid.... Then why is it that this city is falling apart right in front of our eyes....!!!!! I am done passing photos n writing posts on social media over this matter. I think we as a democracy need to wake up and do something about it . If that means giving an ultimatum then so be it !

I urge you all to sign this petition & pass it to as many people we know. 

I love my city & I want to save it & in fact make it safe. That is a  basic need of the hour .... safety!!!!!!