open a school in pakistan focusing on happiness, not much tests and hw

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In Pakistan the majority of schools are focused on Homework, working hard, passing exams and studying. People have a lot of anxiety and stress while going to school. Maybe schools claim that they are doing it right but they are not. I just met a boy who said it was hard and he didnt understand the subject. The teachers are extremely strict giving homework daily. I just moved here and so far its really been a struggle. I used to get daily homework and the teachers were really nice. I am in the IB system so maybe 1 or 2 are nice but the rest are really mean and even if you lean on your chair they will yell at you. My bag is heavy and my shoulders hurt everyday from carrying it. Now pakistans enemy India is making more progress with their education as they are opening a new school based on happiness near Chennai. Also schools in delhi are focusing more on relaxing the children by doing yoga, storytelling and meditations. Hopefully something good will happen