Medical Checks for every reported child of abuse, no exceptions.

Medical Checks for every reported child of abuse, no exceptions.

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Stacie Finnegan started this petition to The Goverment

For over a week since hearing about and watching footage of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes the child and victim of Emma Tustin (step mother) and Thomas Hughes (father) I’ve spent a lot of time crying and heart broken for that poor little boy. 
I can’t talk about him without breaking down in tears.
And this isn’t the first time I’ve felt like this, or heard of similar awful awful crimes. 
to list a few:

Victoria Climbié

Baby P

Kaylee-Jayde Priest

And many many more…… far to many to list.

Arthur, Baby P and Victoria were all under or had been looked at by social services. I’ve not read anywhere that Kaylee was but I don’t know for sure on that one. 

I don’t blame social services, or any authorities for the deaths of these children the only people responsible are those that hurt these poor children.

However, it has been proven over and over now that social services and authorities being involved can’t always save a child because of the red tape and tick boxes that they have to live by.

Many people are good actors, they scare the children into lying also, and gut feelings don’t give authorities or social workers the right to take things further.

However, once a child has been murdered an autopsy can go into great detail of the injuries a child has suffered over weeks, months and sometimes years before their poor little hearts stop beating. 
Same as the blood tests that show malnutrition, poisoning etc.

So why is medical intervention only after it’s too late, when a simple full body X-ray and blood tests could flag up this abuse before it’s too late.

Now I understand it’s funding funding funding, everything is always about bloody money isn’t it, but something needs to be done.

We have the tools to show abuse why aren’t they being used.

I am doing this petition because I would like our government to give social services the authority to make parents take children for a medical examination, even if at first glances the abuse isn’t apparent, because as we have learnt only a body can tell a true story. 
Also, if parents refuse then the social services can have the police to enforce this without warrants.

I as a mother, I would have no issue of my children having these tests done, because I have nothing to hide. Only the guilty do protest…..

Human rights be damned…. There are children out there right this minute being starved, beaten, poisoned, these children need to know that there is love out there and people do care. 

So I ask everyone to stand behind this and show our government we demand change, we care about the children and human rights can’t always stand sometimes things need to be enforceable….. and I beg our government to look at their own children and grandchildren and ask their selves do they think this change is important? 

Even if what I’m asking can’t be done, there must be something, some way of giving social services more rights…. Please please I can’t bare to hear about another poor innocent soul dying like this, and the people responsible getting pathetic sentences.

The sentences are another issue but I feel this is so much more important and needs changing today!

Thank you for taking the time to read my rant, it’s not just a rant it comes from the heart and a broken heart at that. 

Please please show your support, sign and share far and wide…. Let’s make our children safe again…. 


213 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!