"Petition for Release" of Michael Sammons from a life sentence.

"Petition for Release" of Michael Sammons from a life sentence.

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Michelle Priddy started this petition to The Govenor of Va Dr. Ralph Northam and

  Michael Sammons is an inmate in the VA D.O.C that has been incarcerated for the past 23 years, since he was 18 years old. Now 41, he still has 40 years remaining on his sentence for his involvement in the murder of James Lambrecht.

The purpose of this Petition is to show support for Michael's early release to the Governor of Virginia and ask him to give serious consideration to his Petition for Clemency.

Michael has the support of family and friends eager to welcome him back into the community. It is evident from their letters and by their signing of this "Petition for Release" that they have great affection for him and have never forgotten him.  They believe him to be deserving of a second chance at life.

There can be no doubt that he is not the same kid who entered the prison system 23 years ago. Michael was given a 63 year sentence without the possibility of parole in 1998. New policies have since been modified to help those who came in as juveniles with such a lengthy prison term,  but nothing is being done that would help Michael, and he was mere months older.  There is no "justice" in the fact that he had just a few months more development, and as a result has to spend his entire life behind bars.

He should be given the opportunity for consideration for release, or a sentence reconsideration, based on time (23 consecutive years) already served.

 Knowing him now to have grown up to be a mature adult of good character and values, who takes full responsibility for his actions,  he wants nothing more than to give back to all of the people affected by his involvement in the tragedy that happened so long ago.       - In his own words:  "I understand the severity of the crime that was committed, and in no way do I mean to take from the fact that another man lost his life. If I could give it back, Lord knows I would.                     All the pain and heartache that I have caused the victim's family as well as my own family and son?  I have spent every day since living in regret and remorse.                       Although I may be guilty of poor association the fact remains, I did not kill this man. And my heart goes out to his family. I am sorry beyond words for their loss. I take full responsibility for my actions and can only pray that they feel like after 23 years I have paid for my wrongs. "

 It is cruel and unusual punishment to say that a teenager, who's diminished culpability because of age and underdeveloped mind- that was also proved in court by clear evidence to Not have been the cause of Mr. Lambrecht's death, that Now his only worth is to live out the rest of his life in prison.

  IF we can only get enough people to sign this petition so that it can be brought to the Governor's office, they can look at Michael's case on an individual basis and see if the punishment given for his role in this crime was justified.  Maybe then they will consider the possibility of a reduced sentence and grant him a second chance.

 Michael poses no threat to the rest of society and the chance of recidivism is Zero percent in his case. The state of Va has in place numerous pre-release programs and a person that shows demonstrative change can once again become a law abiding productive citizen.  - Michael has a solid Home Plan, place of residence waiting for him and several businesses willing to employ him.

Terry McAuliffe said when he conditionally pardoned several inmates before leaving office last term,                                                  "We must continuously strive to ensure that the punishments offenders receive are commensurate with the crime they commited.  "  .... " these Virginians,  some of whom commited their offense as juveniles, was convicted for a serious crime that should have resulted in their incarceration and rehabilitation.  However, the sentence that they received was far outside what should have been adequate to keep Virginia safe."

Michael was an accessory assisting the main offender, was under great personal stress and duress when committing the crime, and did immediately show and display remorse and regret.

 My brother has made exceptional strides in self-development and self-improvement,  and otherwise shows himself to be matured and rehabilitated to the extent that the ends of justice would be achieved by releasing him back into the community.                             It doesn't make any sense to keep him in prison for life.

Michael Sammons is worth a second chance.

Let's please help him to have one and bring him home.

Sincerely submitted by Michelle Priddy


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