IThe Age of Politicians Entitlement is Over

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Ex Treasurer of Australia told us “ The age of entitlement is over” after he and the Finance Minister were filmed smoking huge cigars celebrating the most savage cuts to pensioners in history.
The current Prime Minister says that Australia can’t guarantee pensions into the future.
It needs to be acknowledged that the pension is not welfare but is a reward for paying taxes for about fifty years.
Politicians are the only people to receive huge pensions after being sacked by we the people. This is unfair by any reckoning.

Ex prime ministers should only be paid their pension until their successor loses his job. After that they should receive the same pension as the rest of us.
All travel should be restricted, not unlimited, as it is now.
Why should we pay for the people that we sacked?
Politicians should not be collecting the pension whilst receiving huge salaries from mates who repay them as such which in the real world is akin to fraudulent behaviour. In my opinion.

Personal story
I don’t have exact numbers for past politicians but I’m certain sure that they cost the economy billions of dollars over the forward estimates period.