A Bowling Arcade for Goulburn!

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Hello! I am Aisha Charnock, a young adult of the Goulburn Community. My friend Tristan Leslie and I are the same age and we see a problem that affects not only the Goulburn community, but the outside community.

The lack of entertainment. There is little to do in Goulburn for young adults and families with older kids. There's no arcade, no family places besides the cinema which we all love, and only parks to play in. 

Tristan and I believe the best solution to this problem is a bowling arcade, as it's a game for everyone. Since most bowling arcades have a game arcade with them, this would also bring a fun arcade to Goulburn so it would also entertain anyone who does not want to bowl. Perhaps it could even have a cafe for the older people to sit with their family and friends? But, we think the most important impact this will bring to our community is it will increase jobs in our town, even just by a little bit, it'll go a long way. 

We also see this helping the surrounding towns as this will give them entertainment as well, sure it is a bit of a drive, but bowling is a fun, family, kids friendly event, while still remaining a fun place for everyone.

We see this as a great opportunity for Goulburn, for it could also increase tourism, as well as bringing more entertainment to the inner and outer community, increase jobs, while remaining a place for people of all ages. It will be a place to go for schools, for the Disability Trust, the elder people of Goulburn, families, teenagers, and more!

Tristan and I decided to make this petition because we care for our community, and we personally are affected by the lack of entertainment in Goulburn. We also know people whom we are close with that struggle to get a job in Goulburn as there is a small gap of people that cannot get one. We care about our community and how it is effected also because we are a part of it, and we stand with our community.