To have pedophiles locked away for good and never allowed back in society

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We see it on the news, we hear about it on the radios, we hear it from people we know and some of us experience it first hand. 

How are we protecting our children from these types of people? How are we helping those so young who have been affected, when they see their attacker walking the streets again? How are we showing children who have been Victims, that this is unacceptable behavior from adults and help with future mental health issues??? 

It's time to start locking these sick people up and throwing away the keys. Just like murderers, they Should be given a life sentence. If there is no room in prisons, stop locking up those who pose no threat to society. 

Pedophile rings are rampant and always happening, the government has shown no care for their people and their country, allowing these types of people walk among us with protection on their side, it makes us question our leaders, our judges in court rooms, any person with a higher power that are able to do something. 

We question them by wondering,if are they pedophiles themselves? Do they find themselves turned on, instead of disgusted, after watching the evidence of these innocent children being tortured? If so, where are the intensive background checks on these people? Who does the background checks on those with more power then the regular Joe's? 

The government wants to help Australia apparently, so why have they still done nothing about this situation??? We want answers, no, better yet. We, the people of Australia, we want justice and to know our children are safe and to see these scum locked up for life. 

We want better background checks on those who have the right to choose what type of punishment these kinds of sick beings get. 

People of Australia, it's time to make a stand for ourselves and show the gorvenment that we won't take this anymore. We want changes in the system that throws the keys away. We want these people, men and women, to pay the price. 

Enough is enough. I'm know I'm tired of hearing these people have been released back into a neighborhood, with no idea which one it is, while they be protected and living amongst children, they so blantly hurt for pleasure. Who agrees with me? 

Lock them up for good 



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