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Political Vigilante groups are threatening the very survival and foundation of Ghana's democracy. Unfortunately, the two major political parties in Ghana are guilty of this charge heightening a lot of tension and anxiety among ordinary and peace-loving citizens. It is, therefore, time to take action given the pivotal role Ghana plays as seen by other African countries and the world at large as the beacon of democracy in Africa.

Conflict does not know political color and we must not allow ourselves to be blinded by political colors at the expense of nation-building by creating the enabling conditions for everyone to feel safe, enjoy equal opportunities and aspire to be prosperous irrespective of one race, religion, cultural and sexual orientation. In times of conflict, it is mostly women and children who face the brunt of the violence. We have good lesson-drawing to learn from some African countries that unfortunately have gone through this path before, and we cannot and must not fail in this cause of raising the awareness of political militia groups within a functioning democratic state such as ours - Ghana.

Let send a clear message in one accord to political parties that engage the services of vigilante groups or raising their own political militias, they must disband as their actions are against the constitution of Ghana, the very legal instrument which gives them legitimacy to contest for elections. Also, political parties must commit to signing a peace accord document that will detail the process to disband their various vigilante groups before the 2020 polls.

Please, we are looking for over Hundred thousand signatories for this petition before its official launching that would herald in a series of lectures and other activities across the ten regions of Ghana. The political parties with these militia groups would be engaged right from the inception of this petition to the formal launching, and all the project activities before the 2020 elections. This petition will go to regional bodies such as ECOWAS, the AU, the EU, and international bodies such as the United Nations including other satellite organizations committed to peace and the nurturing of democratic values. This will set the stage for the international conversation of a dangerous precedent most political parties in Africa are tacitly incorporating into our democratic development. Ghana, as usual, will be setting the pace on this conversation as political vigilantism is not only alien to Ghana but most African Countries.