Save Melendez! Because such a character can't leave the show #bringbackmelendez

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The last episode of the Good Doctor season 3 just aired and during this episode, the writers kill our lovely Neil Melendez. 

This is a petition seeking the return of Dr. Neil Melendez in season 4 of The Good Doctor.

Despite being one of the most popular characters in the show, Dr. Melendez was killed off at a very early stage of the show's development which we very strongly believe will be to the detriment of the number of returning viewers and overall quality of the show. Public response to the finale has been overwhelmingly in support of the character remaining, and we believe it is in the best interests of the show to ensure Dr. Melendez remains a central part of the cast.

There are many avenues which have not yet been pursued for the character, with significant elements of backstory raised but not yet developed, and popular relationships with other characters which have only begun to be explored. Additionally, we believe Nick Gonzalez brings a huge amount of value to the cast in terms of diversity, representation and overall commitment to the show, and deserves to stay as a vital part of the show's image.

We think it would be a disservice to his performance and to the fans' loyalty to the show to go down this route with virtually no narrative purpose or need. There are numerous ways his return could be achieved and it would bring much needed comfort to a huge number of people in difficult times to know that Dr. Melendez is returning.

Melendez has still a lot to tell us about his little sister, his love life, his life as a surgeon and this special place in Thailand he talked about !!

Please sign the petition to save Dr. Melendez! And join us on  @SaveMelendez on Twitter !!!