Abolishment of the "too many emoji" rule on the RTB community server !

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About 30-45 minutes ago i beat the shit out of my meat so god damn hard I ca...Ups wrong text. So my fellow RTB discord peasants, you might have heard of the "too many emojis rule" that activates whenever you are using "too many emojis" according to Sona's Slave (Half-God). I think thid rule is completely unfair due to the fact that human rights are being ignored. The first Amendment's freedom of speech says : The freedom of speech gives its countrys citizen the right to express themselves without having to worry about the goverment interfering. Well you might ask, what does this have to do with the too many emojis rule ? Well, lets say it like this: Some may know me as gian or Liltay on the RTB Community server. You might also know that I am a person that often accomplishes socializing by expressing their feelings with emojis. Well you might know where this is going now. HOW AM I AND SEVERAL OTHER INDIVIDUALS GOING TO EXPRESS OUTSELVES ? This is just straight discrimination and should not be tollerated in a communistic goverment such as the RTB COMMUNITY SERVER. I demand the abolishment of the too many emoji rule on the RememberTheBeat Community server. This shall happen within 24 hours after the petition has reached a goal of 100 signs.

Plz help (I am not serious btw. , just bored on a car with 10 ppl that I dont know)